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€‹To arrange a reborn doll payment plan you must follow a few simple rules. (sorry we don’t like rules neither!!) 

1) Please get in touch with us via Facebook or Email so we can discuss your requirements. We will need to know which doll you would like, roughly where you live (for p&p) and when you need the doll for (i.e. Christmas or Birthday). 

€‹2) Once we have discussed your doll order you will need to pay your deposit of £25.00, which you can do through the options below. We ask for an initial deposit of £25.00. You can pay the balance as an when you want over the time period given to you, however each time you make a payment we ask that you send a minimum of £20.00. €‹

3) When we have received your deposit we will then add you to the order book. Please note we cannot add you to the order book without a deposit.

4) All deposits are none refundable but will come off the total value of your order. Cancellation of payment plan will result in loss of deposit. If you do cancel within 14 days of your deposit you will get a full refund.

5) There is a £10.00 charge per payment plan. This is to cover the costs of admin fees. 


6) Payment Plans are only available on full price dolls and not on sale or special offer dolls.

7) Dolls on Payment Plans will be sent out a couple of weeks after final payment. Please ensure that you leave enough time if you require for a specific date. We will send you a tracking number once your order has been shipped. 

8) Failure to complete your payment plan within the allotted time could mean that you lose your deposit and may not receive for the time requested. 


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