Twin Reborn Dolls

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Twins Reborn Dolls UK

Here at Reborn Dolls by Samantha we have a charming array of reborn doll twins for you to choose from who are just waiting to be taken to their new home! Twin dolls can be a stunning addition to any reborn doll collection and valuable item to have.These reborn dolls have grown in popularity especially due to their gorgeous realistic depictions and the benefits that they can have for some people! All reborn dolls can be available as twin babies…you just need to order two! However there are some doll kits that have been specifically designed to be a twin set

How Twin Reborn Dolls Are Made

Reborn twin dolls are handcrafted dolls that are made to resemble real newborn babies as closely as possible. They are typically made from silicone or vinyl and are weighted to give them a realistic feel! These dolls can either be used as collectors items, for display or as therapy dolls.

Each pair of twin reborn dolls are hand crafted and hand painted using non toxic vinyl paints, each pair of twin reborn dolls come dressed in one individual outfit, with their own dummy and birth certificate; any other desired accessories or tutu’s can be purchased separately via the website. We have a whole array of twin dolls that come with hand rooted mohair, we do also have a range of these dolls that come with no hair; these are babies like Bella and Ben Twin Reborn Dolls and the Sofia and Archie Twin Reborn Dolls.

Twin Reborn Dolls By Samantha

All of the beautiful reborn dolls on display on the website are completely hand-made with love and care going into each and every doll. These bundles of joys make an excellent addition to anyone’s household, most reborn doll twin sets will be used as a collectors item very much similar to the toddler reborn dolls, it should be noted that these dolls are not to be used like playdolls and are not suitable as toys for children.

Popular Reborn Dolls

As well as purchasing our twin dolls you can order boy reborn doll and girl reborn dolls individually. Samantha also offers specialist reborn dolls such as toddlers and biracial dolls. If you have already chosen the right doll for you you can compliment your order with accessory packs or prams.