Toddler Reborn Dolls

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Toddler Reborn Dolls UK

Here at Reborn Dolls by Samantha we have a stunning collection of reborn toddler dolls just waiting to see their new home. Toddler reborn dolls are becoming more and more popular – mainly due to the fact that people view reborn dolls as a valuable collectors item and after purchasing smaller reborns want a toddler to add to their collection.

Due to these toddler reborn doll kits typically being purchased from the US and the extensive time it can take to paint and root the hair of these reborn dolls, these are not always available to purchase. These items are very rarely “in stock” but can be requested! The typical wait time on reborn toddler dolls can be around 6 weeks long, potentially longer if you are not a UK resident, so it can be important to order these beauties ahead of time. If you are looking for a toddler reborn doll for a specific date, and you are within the UK, then please get in touch with Samantha via Facebook or Email to discuss this!

These beautiful hand-painted Toddler reborn dolls are a lot bigger than that of a standard reborn doll, with the typical length being around 26 inches it’s incredibly important that these reborn dolls are not recognised as playdolls for children that can be treated roughly, as they are extremely delicate. Each of the toddler reborn dolls comes with the option for you to be able to select hair and eye colours, allowing you to be creative with your chosen baby.

How Toddler Reborn Dolls Are Made

All Toddler reborn dolls at Samantha’s Reborn Dolls are delicately handcrafted and painted to resemble a toddler or young child. The kits themselves are created using a soft vinyl material instead of silicone.

The paint used on these toddler reborn dolls is an acrylic (non-toxic) air-drying paint. The layers of paint are built up to create a realistic and smooth skin tone for the doll and accentuate key features that appear on the vinyl. Once any paint-work is completed the hair is then hand-rooted using a fine needle, which given the size of the head can sometimes be a lengthier process than any of the other reborn babies.

What Are The Benefits Of Toddler Reborn Dolls?

These charming dolls make a fabulous edition to any reborn doll collection or they can be purchased to suit more practical purposes, there are numerous different benefits to these toddler reborn dolls.

Toddler reborn dolls will be typically purchased by people who have already purchased or already have a fruitful collection of other kinds of dolls. Toddler Reborns are rarely someone’s first doll. It’s also important to note that due to the size and weight of these particular reborn dolls, they are impractical for small children as all limbs (including the head) are filled with a weighting to give them a more realistic and weighted feel- like an actual toddler would have!

Like most reborn dolls, toddler reborn dolls can be a beautiful addition to these collections and can be passed down for generations to come!

Toddler Reborn Dolls By Samantha

Toddler reborn dolls are available as both reborn toddler girls and reborn toddler boys. Each one of these stunning toddler dolls have been hand-painted with love, and their hair rooted using a microneedle using mohair. Toddler reborns are dolls that are brimming full of vibrant personality and although you should never pick favourites, we do have a particular soft spot for the lovely Annabelle Reborn Toddler.

Here at Samantha’s Reborn Dolls there is also the offer of the usual sized reborn doll boys and reborn doll girls, as well as many more to add to your collection!