Reborn Dolls

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Designed in order to resemble real babies, reborn dolls are highly realistic and lifelike dolls which have recently grown in popularity. The origins of reborn dolls actually date back the the 90s in which a number of artists began experimenting with the process of “reborning”. This simply refers to the construction of one of these reborn dolls. Combining a host of different elements, these are intentionally as realistic as possible, and actually offer a number of different benefits.

How Reborn Dolls are Made

The overall process for creating a reborn doll is actually rather intricate, pairing multiple different elements and aspects together in order to create the most realistic doll possible. These dolls come in a variety of sizes, from newborn to toddler reborn dolls, with each of these  also being customised to suit the individual preferences of the buyer. 

More often than not, the process begins by selecting a blank model template, with these frequently being made from vinyl and other synthetic materials (such as silicone). After choosing one of these, the artist will then begin adding details using paint. Skin tones, birthmarks, wrinkles and other general textures are all added during this step, all of which come together to elevate the lifelike appearance.

What are the Benefits of Reborn Dolls

As we briefly mentioned, these dolls aren’t just expertly crafted in terms of aesthetic purposes. Due to the highly realistic depictions, these reborn dolls can also offer a number of different benefits, one of these being their therapeutic utility. If someone has experienced a loss or can’t actually have children themselves, these reborn dolls can serve as a comforting measure, as simply holding them mirrors the real touch of a baby.

Another area where reborn dolls have proven to help and be therapeutic is from those suffering with dementia. Reborn dolls provide comfort for those who are living with this condition. Nowadays, reborn dolls have become a popular choice amongst families and care homes with members who have dementia. 

Another benefit these reborn dolls come with is that they can be extremely useful for educational purposes. Soon to be parents could significantly benefit from these dolls as it could allow them to practise their parenting skills beforehand. From changing a nappy, all the way to feeding, reborn dolls can prepare people for any potential forthcoming challenges. Additionally, this could also work for children as it could teach them about the importance of care from an early age. Similarly, students could also utilise these dolls when it comes to the teaching of handling medical situations.

Reborn Dolls by Samantha

Should you be looking for a Reborn Doll by Samantha, there is a wide variety of options you could potentially choose from. From the more popular boy reborn dolls and girl reborn dolls to the larger toddlers and even the hairy monkey options, there are a handful of different ones to choose from, each which have their own distinguishable features and unique appearances. In addition to all of these, we also have biracial and twin options, as well as the ready made dolls (depending on availability).