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Play Dolls UK

Play dolls are the simplified version of reborn dolls. In many cases these dolls have been factory painted – and therefore not painted by Samantha herself.

Authentic reborn dolls are handmade with certain aspects carefully considered, such as the weight of the doll, and the level of detail – these items can be inappropriate for younger children, especially if not handled correctly.

Please note the Play Dolls on this site have not been created by Samantha.

Play dolls have limited amounts of detail, they are not weighted, and they are much smaller in size than other options. These dolls are perfect for younger children who want the doll solely for playing with it, rather than having as a collectors piece.

How Play Dolls Are Made?

Play dolls are simply factory produced dolls, produced on may and painted by machines. This cheapens the process and therefore the cost of the doll itself.

The play dolls on this page are bought in from various suppliers within the UK and overseas.

What are the Benefits of Play Dolls

One of the main benefits of reborn play dolls is their size and weight. As these dolls are designed to be light-weight, they can be carried and held by anyone, including children.

Play Dolls From Samantha

At Reborn Dolls by Samantha, I pride myself on creating dolls to the highest standard. With the play dolls I select the dolls that I feel are good quality and suitable for younger children.