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Girl Reborn Dolls UK

Here at Reborn Dolls by Samantha I create beautiful handcrafted and detailed reborn baby girls. Reborn dolls have grown especially popular due to their gorgeous realistic features and the benefits that they can have for some people!

How Girl Reborn Dolls Are Made

Creating girl reborn dolls is a time-consuming process and involves combining layers of paint which essentially “stains” the vinyl of the blank doll kit, as you build up the layers of paint to the skin tones that you require and then building up to the more fine details.

Every detail is painted by hand, with everything from the reborn baby girl’s skin tone, freckles, wrinkles, birthmarks and faint vein lines being added to achieve a unique realistic appearance. Because of this process, it means that every girl reborn doll is infact, unique. Although I follow the same process for every doll created, not every brush mark is the same!

Following all of the hand painting, in many cases, the girl reborn doll’s hair will be added. The hair is mohair, which is often used within the clothing industry, that offers the same feeling as a real baby’s hair.

This hair is delicately rooted by hand a couple of strands at a time into the doll’s head which makes it appear and feel more natural. Rooting hair into every reborn baby girl is hugely time consuming and intense process, which is why “hair” is not always an option with some specific reborn girl kits as some of the vinyl kits can be quite thick and difficult to get a needle through.

If you are ordering a girl reborn doll with hair, and you require for a specifc date, then please get in touch with me as wait times can vary.

Once the painting is complete and the hair rooted I then build/assemble each doll by hand. The vast majority of my girl reborn dolls are soft-bodied, meaning they come with a cloth body. I then dress them in something pretty and spray with a baby scent so they smell gorgeous when they arrive!

Please be aware that it is not guaranteed that when you receive your baby you will receive it in the same clothes as pictured in the images. This is simply due to changes in seasons and products that high street retailers and whoesalers have, which is usually where we source a lot of our baby girl clothing from

What Are The Benefits Of Girl Reborn Dolls?

It is with no doubt that girl reborn dolls are the most popular dolls that I sell, as you can probably imagine. Most of the people that purchase these items are doing so because they are collectors or they are purchasing a gift for a child or loved one.

As well as girl reborn dolls, Samantha also produces boy reborn dolls and toddler reborn dolls!

Another area that reborn dolls are often being utilised in is for those people suffering with dementia. This term is known as “Doll Therapy” this method can be a secure and comforting method for those with later on set dementia.

Girl Reborn Dolls By Samantha

All of my girl reborn dolls are hand crafted with the utmost love and care, you will receive your little bundle of joy with a birth certificate, a magnetic or peg dummy and dressed in one outfit. As you will see I have a number of variations of dolls in our girl reborn doll collection, however if you find a kit out there that I haven’t done, that you would like me to paint, then please feel free to ask.

Popular Girl Reborn Dolls

It can be hard to choose just one baby girl from the extensive collection. Some of the most popular reborn dolls at Reborn Dolls By Samantha are the Sofia Open Eyed Reborn Doll, which is also available with closed eyes along with the always popular Bella Reborn Doll. Both of the Sofia and Bella babies are only available bald, however, there are other girl reborn’s that are available with hair, such as the Penny Reborn Doll.

Please have a good look around, and if you have any question – dont hesitate to ask!