Frequently Asked Questions

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Reborn dolls are not designed to be play items.

When brushing the hair, be delicate, the hair is hand rooted and can come out if brushed too hard. You can apply a small amount of conditioner with water into a spray bottle and apply to the hair, this will remove any "frizzyness" and allow brushes to go through the hair with a lot more ease.

Do not handle or dangle the dolls by the limbs as this could cause breakages.

The dolls are weighted with glass beading and therefore SHOULD NOT BE HANDLED by younger children.

Do not place the vinyl in contact with dark materials as the dye may transfer onto the vinyl. This is impossible to remove.

Again please remember that these are delicate hand made items and therefore should be handled with care.

There are lots of YouTube videos that show reborn dolls being bathed. These are generally silicone dolls or dolls that have been designed for this purpose. Our dolls are made using air dry paint which will come off if it they get too wet.
From time to time we do have dolls ready made generally new dolls.

The vast majority of the time however our dolls are made to order.

The dolls contain small parts and are not suitable for younger children. These dolls are not designed to be play items. Some of the softer vinyl dolls (typically the more expensive) could break if played with too much and the glass beading inside could come out.
We use vinyl kits.

Samantha herself hair paints them with air dry paints and where applicable hand roots the hair using mohair and a fine needle.

The limbs and head are then weighted with glass beading to make them heavier and feel more like a baby.

They are then connected to a cloth body.

Dressed in one outfit (typically a tutu - which we make ourselves)
​*** Important: Please be aware that there is a 4 - 6 week wait time for orders as each one is made by hand. If you require your doll for a particular date pleas get in touch at ***
You can either pay in full via the website, typical wait time is 4 - 6 weeks. Please contact us if you need the doll for a specific date.

Alternative we do have options for payment plans. In this case the doll would be sent out after payment has been received in full. Once payment has been complete please allow for a couple of weeks for the doll to be made and shipped. Again, if you require for a specific date please contact us.

​More details on payment plans can be found here PAYMENT PLANS
We have a couple of dolls that are available with full bodies, Harry and Lily. Please contact us for full details.
Typically how it works is that you would find a kit from our range and then choose the hair and eye colour.