The Difference Between Silicone & Vinyl Reborn Dolls

Silicone and vinyl reborn dolls are both known to be the most popular choices amongst collectors and enthusiasts of these lifelike dolls, but both these different materials differ in their composition, appearance and their overall feel, meaning that each material is unique.

Silicone reborn dolls are typically made of high quality platinum-cured silicone, which is soft, pliable, and feels much more like what real human skin would on a baby. Silicone dolls are known for their realistic texture and suppleness! On the other hand, vinyl reborn dolls are constructed from a type of plastic that is known to have a generally firmer feel and a smoother texture than silicone dolls. Here at Samantha’s Reborn Doll’s the only type of reborn doll we have for sale is Vinyl reborn doll kits.

Realistic Appearance

Vinyl reborn dolls can be highly detailed and lifelike in appearance, they are meticulously sculpted and painted to achieve what is a highly realistic appearance. Samantha pays attention to every detail when it comes to these vinyl reborn dolls, from painting on veins, blemishes, birthmarks and freckles all the way to rooting in mohair on the head and as eyelashes to give them that realistic look.

Reborn Dolls Pricing

Silicone dolls are often known to be a lot more expensive than what vinyl dolls are because of the intricacy that can be involved in creating them, vinyl dolls on the other hand will often be a lot more affordable than the silicone ones There are also various other advantages like the fact that silicone dolls will often require a lot more care and looking in order to perfectly preserve them than the vinyl dolls, which are generally easier to clean and maintain; this is down to vinyl being less porous and a lot less prone to staining than what silicone dolls are!

Reborn Doll Benefits

The choice of whether you decide to purchase a silicone or vinyl doll will ultimately depend on personal preference, what your budget is and what level of realistic you’d like for yourself! Both types of these doll models can be incredibly detailed and lifelike, and collectors may often choose based on personal aesthetic and tactile preferences.

Vinyl reborn dolls offer several different advantages and perks, making them a very popular choice for collectors and individuals looking for lifelike dolls Here at Samantha’s reborn dolls we have an array of options when it comes to vinyl reborn dolls. Whether it be boy reborn dolls, girl reborn dolls, toddlers or monkey’s, we can bet that we have a reborn doll that you will fall in love with! Some of our favourite charming babies include the Ana Closed Eye Reborn Doll and the Joshua Closed Eye Reborn Doll.

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