Caring For Your Reborn Doll

Congratulations on your new baby!

Following these instructions can help your baby last you a lifetime. It’s important to handle your reborn doll as you would a real newborn infant. Young children should not be permitted to play with baby. Reborn dolls are created with the adult collector in mind. They cannot stand up to every day or rough handling. Please use your judgement when gifting one to a child as these type of dolls are not made with the durable plastic vinyl of store bought dolls that can stand up to much handling and playing.

Baby should be kept away from extreme heat and cold. Heat is more dangerous for baby because vinyl becomes very soft and pliable when heated and can become warped or even melt. Baby should never be left in a hot car or displayed near any type of heat source. Baby should be kept away from excessive moisture, which can cause damage to the dolls paint work and the cloth body. Baby should be kept away from dark clothing, materials and ink (such as dark sofas and newspapers) this is because the dye from dark materials / ink can come off and stain the vinyl, if this happens it will not come off.

Baby wears real baby clothing and typically fits newborn first size and some 0-3 months baby clothes depending on the brand, we find that size 2 nappies generally fit best.

Care should be taken when posing your new baby. The arms and legs are jointed which allows baby to be gently posed, but the limbs should never be forced. Extreme pressure on the seams/joints of the body can cause tearing and breakage. Do not hold the baby by the arms or legs as this will damage the joint and risk the limbs coming off.

Your Baby should not be bathed. The body is made of cloth and water may take the paint off the vinyl.

Although it’s tempting to run out and buy baby products for cleaning baby, most baby products contain alcohol which can damage baby’s paint and compromise the vinyl. If your baby becomes dusty you can gently dust him off gently with a clean wash cloth. Any dirt on the vinyl can be wiped clean with a slightly damp wash cloth followed by a towel to dry baby.

If you have purchased a doll with hair you can tame the hair with hair conditioner. Put a small amount of hair conditioner in a spray bottle and mix with water. Lightly spray the hair and very gently brush the hair (preferably with a baby brush). Please be aware that the hair is hand rooted mohair and therefore very fragile. We would recommend that you brush your babies hair no more than once a week.

Eyelashes, whether glued or rooted should not be pulled or left in heat (as this may melt the glue). Also eyes although glued in place, if pushed or forced unnecessarily can move or become dislodged.

I do appreciate that accidents can happen and we are more than happy to help. Please do not hesitate to get in touch.

I hope you enjoy your new baby and you visit us again soon.


​Samantha x