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Currently Closed For Orders For Christmas 2023

Due to an influx of orders over the past couple of days I am currently closed for new orders for Christmas. All orders placed up to and including the 30th Oct will be delivered in time for Christmas. I cannot give exact dates for delivery at this stage, but I will send tracking numbers once shipped.

Welcome to Reborn Dolls by Samantha...

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Reborn Dolls

Welcome to Reborn Dolls by Samantha! Here you can browse a stunning selection of realistic baby dolls and so much more! Including prams, smaller play dolls, toddler dolls and even monkey dolls. Whether it be that you are looking for a first time reborn doll purchase or you’re enthusiastic about building up your very own beautiful reborn doll collection, there’s a huge selection of these realistic baby dolls for you to browse and choose from!

All reborn dolls by Samantha are carefully hand-crafted from the highest quality materials in a way that gives them that essential realistic look and feel to provide all customers with their own bundle of joy. Reborn Dolls by Samantha is based in Middlesbrough in the North East of England, even though we might be a smaller company but we have a strong following of happy and loyal customers. These realistic baby dolls make a gorgeous item to anyone’s life whether it be a special gift or you want one for yourself! They are a perfect collectable item that can be passed through generations

We provide these beautifully crafted reborn baby dolls not only to the Middlesbrough and North East area but also all throughout the UK and overseas! Every single Reborn doll you purchase has been crafted carefully with love ready to be sent on its next big adventure!

Reborns By Samantha

The process of crafting these beautiful baby dolls can be a lengthy process but it certainly pays off. These ordinary vinyl dolls’ life breathed into them with a careful step by step process that includes applying layer upon layer of skins tones, adding blusher and veins to make them appear as realistic and human-like as possible. Alongside this other important features like hair, eyes and eyelashes are carefully crafted into the doll and come in a multitude of colours. Reborn dolls are strictly intended to be carefully handled by their carer as a beautiful collector item and are not fitting to be playdolls or handled roughly

No matter which type of reborn doll you do purchase, it will be meticulously hand-painted and made completely by myself (during extremely busy periods this may mean I take a little longer to get back to you if you have privately messaged me, please have patience!). I have access to a huge selection of both Girl Reborn Dolls as well as Boy Reborn Dolls, however it is not limited and if you see a particular type of baby doll that you love, don’t hesitate to ask! There are also various options for these baby dolls available with the choice of open or closed eyes, different hair and eye colours and different kinds of skin tones. Browse the website and see which ones you like the best!!

Sadly, one thing I cannot guarantee is that I have exactly the same outfit on the doll you have purchased as the one pictured on the website’s image. Tutu’s, on the other hand, are always available for request!

Realistic Baby Dolls

There is a huge collection of extremely realistic dolls by Samantha available to browse and for you to pick out on the website today! Expect to find a selection of reborn baby boys, girls, monkey’s, twins, toddlers and much more! Many of the reborn dolls on the website can be purchased with a small peg or a magnetic dummy. Peg dummies are simply a type of dummy that fits a small “peg” inbetween the baby dolls lips, magnetic ones however will stick to the mouth of the reborn doll via a magnet attached inside the head of the reborn doll.

There are a number of benefits to purchasing these beautifully crafted collectable reborn dolls by Samantha. To give a more authentic feeling to receiving your reborn doll of choice, a birth certificate is induced in every box where you can give your baby a chosen name, weight and a birthday! Purchase your very own delightful little baby boy or girl today via the website!